About Us

The Friedkin Group is led by Chairman and CEO Dan Friedkin and encompasses a consortium of automotive, hospitality, entertainment, golf and adventure companies. These organizations include Gulf States Toyota, GSFSGroup, GSM, US AutoLogistics, Ascent Automotive Group, Auberge Resorts Collection, Imperative Entertainment, 30WEST, NEON, Diamond Creek Golf Club, Congaree and Legendary Expeditions. With a storied and distinguished history dating back to the establishment of Gulf States Toyota in 1969, The Friedkin Group’s affiliated companies have grown and diversified, currently employing over 5,600 employees globally (2,100 based in Houston).

Our companies have been recognized as a great place to work. For example, Gulf States Toyota has been recognized by the Houston Chronicle as the “Top Private Company” in Houston for seven consecutive years, has been named one of Houston's "Healthiest Employers" and was recognized by Forbes as one of America's "Best Midsize Employers."




Our Values

Our personal values guide our personal decisions.  Within our company, Our Values guide our business decisions, actions and conduct.

We value our Associates.

We treat one another with respect. We recognize the dignity and contributions of each individual and the creativity that results from the diversity of individuals and ideas. We strive to communicate clear expectations to each other, as well as how each of us performs. We are committed to an environment of trust, teamwork, challenge and development. We endeavor to communicate with each other in frank, fearless and constructive ways.

We deliver Customer Satisfaction.

We have valued customers, whether they are consumers, other businesses, our shareholders, or one another. We believe in respecting our customers, appreciating their requirements, understanding their expectations and satisfying them with distinction.

We regard our Suppliers as essential team members.

We treat our suppliers with the same respect that we show to our customers and associates. Our suppliers deserve fair treatment and honest feedback on their performance and products.

We are accountable for the Quality of our work.

We enthusiastically develop and provide superior products and services with distinction. We deliver excellence, while constantly seeking ways to improve our knowledge, skills and the way we perform our jobs both individually and collectively. Each of us is accountable for the quality of whatever we do.

We demonstrate Integrity in all we do.

We are personally accountable for the highest standards of integrity. We measure our actions not only by what is legal, but also by the highest standards of ethics that ensure fair and honorable actions. We are responsible, reliable and truthful.

We provide Leadership as a company and as individuals.

We are all leaders. We are dedicated to achieving excellence through the loyal efforts of talented and enthusiastic associates. Our continued success requires taking full advantage of the rich backgrounds and abilities of our associates and rewarding their achievements. We embrace change as an opportunity to fulfill our potential. We lead through competence, innovation, teamwork and an eagerness to excel.

We create an environment of Fun and Pride.

We provide a work environment that challenges each of us to excel in all we do. Yet we embrace the necessity for also achieving a high level of happiness and fun in all that we do.  We are proud to be part of this organization. 


Dan Friedkin

Dan Friedkin is Chairman and CEO of The Friedkin Group, a privately held consortium of businesses and investments in the automotive, hospitality, entertainment, golf and adventure industries.

In addition to the leadership positions he holds within the business community, Dan remains highly active in wildlife conservation initiatives and various aviation and education philanthropies.

As The Friedkin Group continues to innovate and evolve, Dan’s commitment to the company includes fostering and inspiring the next generation of leaders from within the organization – including his children – who will help carry on the values of the organization.

Dan holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in finance from Rice University.