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Imperative Entertainment Developing French Race Car Movie
Oct 09, 2017
Variety - 6 October 2017

Imperative Entertainment has acquired movie rights to “Faster,” Neal Bascomb’s upcoming work about French Jewish racecar driver Rene Dreyfus. The legedary driver won three dozen major races during the 1920s and 1930s and become a national hero.

Akio Toyoda visits Houston in wake of Hurricane Harvey
Oct 06, 2017
Akio Toyoda visits Houston in wake of Hurricane Harvey

It has been more than a month since Hurricane Harvey dumped record amounts of rain on the Houston area, and cleanup is continuing around the city.

In the wake of the tragedy, Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, visited the Houston headquarters of The Friedkin Group and Gulf States Toyota on Friday, Sept. 29.

“People often ask me, ‘what is it that makes Toyota so special’…and I think it comes down to people,” said Dan Friedkin, president and CEO of The Friedkin…

Congaree: A First Look At The Golf Club Built By Billionaires On A Model Of Philanthropy
Aug 01, 2017
Forbes - 27 April 2017

Golf and giving have always gone hand-in-hand. But at Congaree, a new golf club steeped in history in South Carolina’s low country, philanthropy is the ethos of an entirely new membership model.

The low-key folks behind Congaree aren’t interested in attention; in fact they’ve completely shunned the publicity or fanfare that typically accompanies a new golf course project. I only heard about the club’s unique vision from a mutual friend in the industry and, intrigued, actively…

Crossing the Atlantic in a Mustang, With Mr. Conservative in the Pilot’s Seat
Jul 14, 2017
Air & Space Magazine - 14 July 2017

Even when you’re the world’s best, it pays to be prepared.

If you’re Dan Friedkin and you’ve just bought one of the most exquisitely restored P-51 Mustangs flying today, and your plan (as the founder of the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation) is to take it to an airshow in England, who would you choose to ferry your priceless warbird across the nasty North Atlantic?…

No. 1: Gulf States Toyota gets ahead of local car sale slump
Jun 17, 2017
Houston Chronicle - 17 June 2017

Gulf States Toyota defended its No. 1 spot among Houston's private companies for the sixth year in a row, even as volatile oil and gas prices hampered vehicle sales in the region.

The largest independent Toyota distributor, founded in 1969, raked in $8.8 billion in revenue last year, up 7 percent from 2015, Chairman and CEO T. Dan Friedkin said.

"The strength of Gulf States Toyota revolves around our … strong focus on the Toyota customer, which is carried out each day through the…

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