The Friedkin Foundation

The Friedkin Foundation was created to oversee the philanthropic endeavors, diverse charities and CSR efforts of the Friedkin family and companies within the enterprise.

With a deep commitment to organizations based in our home state, we’re constantly working with local groups to support the education, health and well-being of the citizens of the great state of Texas.

On a larger scale, we focus on issues that reflect the passions of our founder, Dan Friedkin. These include the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation, educating the public on the history of the US Air Force, and the Friedkin Conservation Fund, preserving more than 6 million acres of protected wildlife areas in Tanzania.

Ignited by our dedication to Education, Aviation and Conservation, and fueled by improving the lives and experiences of others, The Friedkin Foundation is proud to serve people across the globe.


Friedkin Disaster Relief Fund

The Friedkin Group has a long history of donating to support those affected by natural disasters. The Friedkin Disaster Relief Fund was established to provide critical assistance to dealers and associates as well as other individuals and families across the Gulf States region who face extreme hardships in the wake of a natural disaster. Donations made to the fund help those most affected with immediate needs, as well as long-term rebuilding efforts during these difficult times.

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